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Cutter Master V6.27e Software Freel dearche




The first part contains thedsl files (.dsl) for yourdesign application.The second part of theprogram is the files that it willredirect to your cutter. What is a cutter? A cutter is a machine that cutsmanufactured parts on a blank. Thismachine is often used in the productionof products. How does it work? It is very simple!The cutting file (.cut) is fed intothe cutter. The cutter analyzesthe job, adjusts its program, andmakes the cut. It is up toyou to send your cutting file to the cutter properly. Cutting Master 4 Cutting Master 4 consists of thefollowing two parts:. 1. InDesign 2. Cutting master 1. The First Part of Cutting Master 4 - InDesign The first part is the designpart of Cutting Master 4.This part has the CutOut template dsl file. You need to design the parts you want to cut to your cuttingmachine.You can open an existing part in yourdesign application, or you candesign the blank in a fresh file.The latter is preferable since youcan adjust the parts to fit yourdesign.You can view your drawings, addannotations, arrange them in differentviews, etc. The drawing is in a.indd file format, so the first thing you should do is open it with inDesign.The parts you design must be ina.dxf format.If you are not familiar with theDesign X format, refer to the information in the next chapter. 2. The Second Part of Cutting Master 4 - Cutting master The second part is the cutting part.You will need the cutoutfile (.cut) that was created for you in the first part.You will then feed this file into the cutting machine. Cutting Master 4 is similar to a typical computer-generated file.It consists of a.indd and a.cut file. Let us look at a sample design from Cutting Master 4.It consists of a 3/4" square part, a bottomplate, and a topplate. It is a simple plate that will have a 3/4" to 1 1/2" overhang on the bottom and the top. The first thing you will need to do is open your cutout file that was created for you.You will need to open it in InDesign.This file is



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Cutter Master V6.27e Software Freel dearche

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